Top 5 dating apps to meet girls in LA

It’s now routine for people to use dating apps to meet girls in LA. There are several apps that you can use. Your choice depends on what features you would prefer to have. Therefore, here is a list of the top 5 dating apps to meet girls in LA.

1. Tinder

People assume that Tinder is exclusively a hookup app. However, the majority of people who date online defer to Tinder. There are girls looking for long-term relationships on Tinder, undoubtably. That said, if your intention is to meet girls for the short-term, you can use Tinder to hook up with girls in Los Angeles. All in all, you’re likely to find someone who shares the same intentions for downloading the app.

One of the draws of Tinder for LA residents is that it’s based on location settings. Therefore, you can find people within a particular radius. This helps to avoid commutes. LA traffic can deter people from maintaining a relationship. If you live at opposite ends of the city, traveling to each other can become too much of a time commitment. 

2. Bumble

Much like Tinder, Bumble is location-based. It’s also a swipe right or left model. The most notable difference between Bumble and Tinder is that only girls have to initiate the first conversation. Once you match with a girl, there is a 24-hour timeframe for her to send you a message. This design works as an incentive for a girl to reach out if she finds you attractive. This can save you time otherwise spend chasing someone who is not interested.

3. OkCupid

OkCupid can take longer to set up than Tinder and Bumble because the process involves answering questions. Based on your answers, OkCupid outputs a percentage that indicates whether you’re compatible with a particular match. This distinction from other dating apps can help you discern whether you want to pursue someone.

4. Hinge

Hinge uses a filter model that can narrow your search. You’ll enter your particular preferences. If you pay for the premium version of Hinge, you can be more specific. For example, you can specify whether you drink or smoke.

5. The League This app is different from the other 4 in that you have to apply. Ergo, it’s exclusive. This is an effective app if you’re looking to find someone with a similar socioeconomic status or a similar educational background.