Romp-in-the-bed Sex Games To Keeping Things Fun in Your Relationship

Spicing up your bed game can prevent you and your partner from potential cheating and it could save your failing relationship as well. It gives you another reason why you should have sex often. It could also reveal new things that you and your partner can do on bed that you never imagine you could.

There’s no other way of spicing your bed other than playing sex games. Incorporating sex games in your sex activities will be awesome especially if you and your partner are ready to be involved. But, who will say no if it’s going to produce lust and libido all more? And remember, the longer the foreplay, the more arousal there will be and this will boil down to more and frequent orgasm. Sounds great?

So, if you are ready to put the cake to the oven and looking for do-it-yours sex games inspiration, read down below:

  1. Use a feather and tie the hands of your partner.

You can use feather toys found in novelty shops, online, or you can use any feather as long as it’s clean. The rule of the game is to brush the body parts of your partner with the feather. Hold the feather in your mouth and gently stroke it on the body, going back and forth the genital and other parts until your partner cannot resist anymore and beg for you. This is a good way to slowly build up the orgasm. This will also allow you to mark which part of her body is more erogenous than the others.

  1. Pick a sex fantasy.

This game will reveal you and your partner’s sexual fantasies. Write in a piece of paper all your sexual fantasies. Put it in a bowl. Each one of you get to pick from the bowl and whatever it is written in the paper should be executed by the one who had picked it. This will allow you and your partner to explore more of your filthy imagination. Rest assured, both of your satisfaction will reach the high level. And the next time you will get sex, you already know what to do. Bingo!

  1. Snack time.

Here you will need ice, melted chocolate, fruits, ice cream, or any snacks you want to be eaten on top of your partner’s body. If you’re using melted chocolate (Nutella), spread it on the erogenous parts like nipples, cheek of the butt, nape and genital. Then, slowly lick them like licking your favorite lollipop. When using ice, slowly melt it on your partner’s body. The coldness of the ice will give your partner a tingling sensation while, the feeling of the slowly sliding icy cold water will make her produce more libido. On the other hand, blowing an ice cream on your boy’s down area is an absolute game changer. It’s really fun to eat, eat and eat!

  1. Massage therapy.

Imagine you are a masseur and you are going to massage your partner. Grab your favorite and best erotic massage oil and pour in your partner’s body. This will not only relax her body but also stimulates her libido. Be the best masseur you can be. Touch her as soft or as strong as you can. Massage her breast, butt and inner thighs.  Don’t go to the genitals yet. Let her drool more until she grabs you.

  1. Dare game.

The rule to this game is to dare your partner to do a sensual activity. The dare should not be repeated by your or your partner. If one was not able to do the dare, he/she has to drink alcoholic beverages. The one who drink less is the winner.

  1. Card games.

There are so many sex card games available on many sex shops, both offline and online. They are these renewed cards which can bring your sex life into a new level. You will be shocked on how explicit, adventurous and sensual activities these cards contain. If you can’t afford to have one, be resourceful. Copy what the instruction written in the box and do your own sex card game. Or at least, serve it as an inspiration.