How to Find Trans Singles in Macau

A lot of men come to Macau to meet Chinese trans singles, but unfortunately for them, they are in a situation of demand exceeding supply, so to speak. There aren’t many trans women around to meet this need. Unlike more open and accepting Asian countries like the Philippines and Thailand, China has remained somewhat reserved toward this community and its representatives aren’t easy to find.

There are no “trans” hot spots in the vast majority of Chinese cities and very few in Macau, even though it is one of the cities that is most accepting of the community in China. Foreigners in particular struggle to meet trans singles in bars and clubs, although it is not impossible.

The Best Online Dating Sites

If you’ve done any searching in the past, you’ve probably come upon dozens of ladyboy escort services in China. Beware! There are many con artists on here and contacting someone through a site like this is not a smart decision. There are lots of bait and switch type affairs and worse scams, so exercise extreme caution if you are going to use a trans escort service.

Two good sites to meet trans singles in Macau and other Chinese cities, as well as Hong Kong, are MyLadyboyDate and ChinaLoveCupid. The second site has profiles of people of all genders. It isn’t limited to trans singles, while the first one is, so we recommend starting with that.

Many of the trans singles you’ll meet in China come from Thailand or the Philippines. As mentioned, locals who are trans are hesitant to live openly as women because they face quite a lot of discrimination. Even the Chinese word for transsexual has a negative association, having “monster” as one of its meanings.

Online dating sites are a great way to meet trans singles in this Chinese city because it is fast and discrete. There are also sites where personal ads are published. The site connects the Chinese LGBT community. You can look for personals in Macau here and view transgender members’ photos and profiles.

You will also find trans singles on social media. It’s an easy way to get to know and eventually meet one.

There are a few bars in the area around Hotel Lisboa that trans people frequent. You can find some in the city’s malls, many of which are open 24/7. As in any other city, you’ll see trans people on the streets out and about. Always have a local with you if you’d like to meet them. It can be difficult without mediation considering the language barrier.